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Hello guys. Tme for the announcement.

First, i wish to all of you a happy new year and wanna thank you all for the messages i got, and putting me in your follow forevers. I feel glad that people keep liking my blog even if i don’t post anything on it lately.

So yeah. It won’t be a surprise, since i’ve been away from Tumblr for months now. I always had moments where i wasn’t here. But this time has been a long time and it won’t get better. My studies takes a lot of time and leave few of free one. Also i try to socialize more with people around me, something i wanted to do since i’ve always been a loner and lately felt lonely, i’m growing up, and so i’m not online as much as i used to the past years.
I’m not into blogging too, i guess that’s why i don’t feel any motivation to keep running this blog. Even if i love to share my works, i don’t even have time to make some.

These years by your side were a pleasure, i just want to remember positive things that the negative ones. I met incredible people that became my friends, and even if now we don’t talk much or at all anymore, you still have a place in my heart and i keep thinking of you and checking how you’re doing even if i don’t ask you directly. Thank you for making Tumblr a home where i felt good. A special thanks to the ABC Tumblrs that made me feel really proud and happy during the last months i was here. I keep hoping to come to the USA soon and work for you :)

It’s not a farewell, just a good bye i guess, and i’ll keep coming as much as i can (so not really often lol). This blog will stay on hiatus but i won’t hide everything, i’ll let it that way so i can (and you too) can keep visiting it :) Feel free to send me messages, i’ll read them and try to reply them.

Lot of kisses, i wish you the best ! :D
- Lexie.

Hey ! :)
Thank your for this message. Actually yes my semi-hiatus is almost a big hiatus since i really have no time for my tumblr, i’m only working for my projects for uni so… i’ll soon be on holidays so i may try to do some of your requests ;) Thank you again and i’m glad you enjoyed my blog ! ♥

indian-moonlight asked: you're the best creator ever darling

thank you sweetie ♥


A song of ice and fire.

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got my first job interview ever next week and it’s already so important.. i feel so anxious about it

Team Arrow 2.06 Keep Your Enemies Closer

honourinrevenge replied to your post: is witches of east end go…

I like it, less childish than all the teenage shows but there is a love triangle and the two guys look like Damon and Stefan. I like it though, a lot!

ha well i didn’t even check on the actors or even the story lol i just saw the little ad for it while watching drop dead diva and since witches are the new trend and i don’t watch AHS Coven i wanted to try something out so i’ll watch the pilot i guess, thank you sweetie :)

is witches of east end good ?

i don’t know if there are some gamers in my followers but if you want me to be your friend on Steam, just send me your ID and i’ll add you :)

so this week end i need to catch up with drop dead diva, revenge, and maybe OUAT, and also watch the pll halloween ep
i’m so fucking late as always

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I can’t take my eyes off you…