that’s fun to see my old pll halloween stuff is still reblogged at this time of the year ! thanks guys and sorry for not doing anything new for so many months :)


Star Wars+ endings parellels

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Coldplay - A Sky Full of Stars (Alternate Music Video) [x]

Friendly reminder that anyone born between 1985-1998 didn’t get their hogwarts letter because Voldemort’s ministry wiped out the record of muggleborns


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 I loved a maid as white as winter

Sansa Stark + winter colours

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"Definitely, attention equals pressure, but everything, everything is still so new to me that I’m enjoying jumping on this bandwagon early and seeing how I respond to it. If you spend too much time wondering what you’re going to feel like in year five, you’re not going to feel anything in year one." - Emilia Clarke



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The common people pray for rain, healthy children, and a summer that never ends. It is no matter to them if the high lords play their game of thrones, so long as they are left in peace. They never are.

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This dragon queen who wears her name is a true Targaryen.
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today is my first flight and i’m going to fly the plane !

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